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Texture Talk: Makeup Artist Tracy Peart on Embracing Her Natural Hair During Quarantine

The Covid lockdown and stay-at-home orders have no doubt effected our relationships with our go-to beauty routines. Here, Tracy Peart, a body positivity advocate and the resident makeup artist for CityTV’s Breakfast Television Toronto and Cityline, shares how months of quarantine life has shifted her hair routine from a long-standing love affair with protective braids …


4 Easy Headband Hairstyles For School In 5 Minutes

Cute, no-heat headband hairstyles for every day wear! Hey guys! We are always looking for simple and quick hairstyles for school mornings and thought these headband styles from our YouTube channel would be perfect for back to school season. These “5 minute hairstyles” are all super easy but still look fashionable, even though they take very …