Canadian Brand Pink Tartan Releases Top Made From Crab and Shrimp Shells

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Sustainable materials are all the rage in fashion right now and have fast expanded beyond just faux fur. Take Pink Tartan’s latest creation for example – a mock neck top made from a material derived from crab and shrimp shells.

Speaking with FASHION about the creation, designer Kim Newport-Mimran explained, “Huge quantities of seashell waste are thrown away by the shellfish industry while processing crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs and shrimps for human consumption. The exoskeleton of crustaceans consists of proteins, calcium carbonate and chitin, a long-chain molecule which can be used to produce valuable building blocks for the polymer industry.”

The resulting fabric is not only sustainable, but also possesses a whole host of benefits: it’s washable, offers 97.5% UPF protection, is antibacterial, odour- and pill-resistant, breathable and is quick-drying. It’s also completely biodegradable. Made in Canada, there is also very little fabric waste associated with the production of the garment Newport-Mimran tells us, adding that the piece “feels amazing against the skin.” The mock neck is finished with a back neck zip and is available in seven different colours.

Being eco-friendly is a key factor for the local brand. “While nobody is perfect, we are constantly engaging in initiatives to ensure we are environmentally responsible,” the designer explains. “We practice sustainable manufacturing processes with lean production using stock fabric, and produce mostly in Canada.” Plus, all pieces in her collection are designed to be worn time and time again. “Our product is built to last. We are heart-warmed by customers who still wear our products decades after purchases, and we work tirelessly to ensure all necessary repairs are made so that our products live as long as possible.”

There are plans to expand the use of the alternate material next year, too. “We will be adding two new bodies for spring and expanding the colour range,” Newport-Mimran reveals.

In the meantime, get your piece here.

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