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5 Common Myths About Anxiety, Depression and More

These days it can be hard to determine when you’ve surpassed your mental and emotional threshold. Everyone you know seems to be acting like superhumans—exercising, working 60-hour weeks, hitting the best parties—and beaming beautiful smiles on Instagram while they’re at it. Seeing people who “have it all” can make it difficult for us to admit …


Looks We’d Love to Steal From the Fall 2019 Menswear Shows

Gender neutral clothing lines have become the norm as opposed to an outlier, and the merging of men’s and women’s looks into a single show demonstrates how the fashion week format is changing, but it was really this year’s past red carpet that made the best argument for the dissolution of binary gendered codes of …


This Might the Wokest Fashion Collab We’ve Seen So Far

Balenciaga, a label once best known for dressing ladies who lunch in painstakingly-tailored finery, now better known for meme-generating bubble coats, is slated to collaborate with online retailer Farfetch on a fur-free, leather-free and down-free collection benefitting species conservation that might be the wokest fashion collaboration to date. Though most fashion collaborations tend to rely …