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How to Wear Painful Heels Without Dying: 3 Tried-and-Tested Tips

The lengthy-term results of high heel shoes on our bodies are very well-documented, varying from foot damage to chronic pain. I didn&rsquot even have to know that, however only the temporary discomfort of putting on killer heels for an evening out or perhaps sensible heels all work day was enough to create me gradually dial …


How This Shoe Designer Quit Her Fast Fashion Habit

Among the two founders of indie shoe brand Freda Salvador (which counts Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence and Gina Rodriguez as fans), Megan Papay understands both struggles and thrills of running a small company. A follower of small brands like her very own&mdashwhich she runs in Sausalito, California, with co-founder Cristina Palomo-Nelson&mdashPapay began to get more …

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All the Canadian Brands Meghan Markle Wore This Year

Prior to she formally grew to become a Duchess and her every sartorial move was observed with bald eagle eyes, Meghan Markle&#8217s penchant for Canadian designers was broadly known. Is sensible, thinking about she spent six years not only to Toronto however in the organization of Jessica Mulroney, among the country&#8217s foremost stylists (along with …


9 Velvet Pieces That Will Outshine Sequins on New Year’s Eve

When imagining the classic Year&#8217s Eve look, sequins and glitter have a tendency to take center stage. However this year, we&#8217re feeling a far more subdued vibe, swapping out high shine sequin minidresses towards festive looks in plush velvet. Its soft texture is thankfully low-maintenance and doesn&#8217t require caution when sitting for longer periods. And …


Millennial Money Guru Gaby Dunn on the One Foolproof Thing We Can All Do to Save Money

To be able to understand money, Gaby Dunn managed to get her full-time job. After writing a viral essay for Splinter entitled &#8220Get Rich or Die Vlogging: The Sad Economics of Internet Fame,&#8221 which chronicled how holding currency within the attention economy doesn’t necessarily result in cold income, the journalist, screenwriter and YouTuber parlayed her …


6 Last-Minute Holiday Beauty Ideas (Like, Super Last-Minute)

Which means you anxiously waited &#8217til the final minute to complete everything: look for holiday gifts, wrap stated holiday gifts, decorate (we are able to help with that, btw) not to mention, pick a beauty look that&#8217ll cause you to feel glam this holidays. Our Beauty Panel originates towards the save, with six awesome suggestions …


This 30-Minute HIIT Workout Will Keep You Fit this Holiday Season

I believe we all can agree which come holidays, many of us type of &#8220give up&#8221 on the workout goals&mdashblame the parties (hello, wine!), shopping (goodbye extra gym time), weather (shorter days causes us to be all wish to hibernate) and concept of Year&#8217s resolutions (&#8220I&#8217ll get fit again in The month of january&#8221 seem …